Transferring Credits

If you want to get your courses and credits recognized and tranferred from your previous study, exchange study or double degree study, you need to fill out an official request. 

1) Talk to your program supervisor to see if your courses might be transferred.

2) Fill out the Transferring Credit Request Form appropropriate for your situation. You can find them here under "Transferring credits".

3) Transferring Credits is only possible with the agreement of the relevant lecturer and programme supervisor. When you fill out the form, have the lecturer and programme supervisor sign it. Don't forget to attach the relevant documents like transcript of records, so we have proof of what grades you have achieved.

4) Once the form is signed, please bring it to the International Office in the Hollar building, room no. 217, or send it to We will arrange for the Vice-Dean to go over and sign your request. 

5) As soon as the Vice-Dean approves your Request, the International Office will proceed with the administration and inform you via email. 

Please note that we can only transfer credit for classes completed no longer than 5 years prior to the date of transfer.