Registration for State Final Examination

Registration for the State Final Examination and thesis submission

To be able to register for the State Final Examination (SFE), you need:

  • to complete and to have recorded all your study obligations (i.e. all obligatory, obligatory-elective, and elective courses)
  • to acquire no less than 180 credits if you are a Bachelor's degree student, or no less than 120 credits if you are a Master's degree student

To be sure of this, you can compare your completed courses with the study plan in Karolinka according to the academic year of your enrolment for study. You can also do a check of your studies in SIS, there is an application in SIS for that. The International Office does not carry out any checks on the study.

You have to check your personal data in SIS (icon of Settings/Information at the top right) and to update them if needed.  

Only student with the active role in SIS can apply for SFE! A student with interrupted studies has to cancel their interruption of study in time, i.e. before the deadline of the SFE registration - for the details, please, contact the International Office at

You have to comply with the Academic Calendar.

Registration for SFE in SIS

Through the module of State Final Examination, you will enroll for courses, i.e. parts of SFE and the defense of the final thesis. Detailed instructions can be found in the section SIS manuals.

It is necessary to enroll for all the state examination courses at once and take the exams on the same examination date (e.g. you cannot take exams within SFE in June and defend your final thesis in September).

If your field of study offers several state examination courses/areas, you will register only for the courses you have chosen. 

If you did not succeed in any course in the previous term of SFE, you have to register via SIS again - you will only retake the exam that you miss.

Submission of the final thesis in SIS

The thesis has to be submitted in SIS in electronic form in PDF/A format within the deadline set in the Academic Calendar. Do not forget to click Submit after uploading the files! Detailed instructions can be found in the section SIS manuals.

If you have a problem with PDF/A format (problems do occur, mainly among Apple MacBook users), you will send the thesis to the following e-mail - , no later than 24 hours before the scheduled submission date. You will receive your thesis converted to PDF/A. Make sure no damage was made during conversion to the content or formatting of your thesis and submit it via SIS. 

If your thesis or its supplement is of a non-standard format, you have to file a request in SIS for non-standard format.

If the nature of your thesis requires an extension of the time limit for publication, you have to ask your advisor to submit such a request (electronically via SIS).

The title of your submitted thesis has to match the title in SIS. The title of the final thesis must be given in the language of the thesis and in Czech. If the title of the thesis does not match the one in SIS, you have to contact the Secretariate of your Institute, not the International Office!

Students of the degree programmes taught in English are required to submit an abstract in English only.

After submitting the thesis through SIS, you should bring the printed version of your final thesis in two copies to the Secretariat of the Institute. Nevertheless, the submission of the printed version is not obligatory in general for all study programmes - it depends on the particular Institute. Contact the Secretary of your Institute to find out whether the printed version is really required.