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IT Support

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Computer Labs, Logins and other Practical Information

Computer laboratories

Hollar building

Room 108

Location: 2nd floor

Opening hours: accessible only outside normal classes

Entrance with a student chip card.


Opletalova building

Room 016

Location: in the subterranean area, under the staircase straight ahead

Opening hours: the lab is freely accessible Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 7:45 PM, Friday 8:00 AM – 4:45 PM

Entrance with a student chip card.


Jinonice building

Rooms 2063 and 2074

Location: 1st floor of the building A (button 2 in the lift)

Opening hours: the labs are freely accessible (unless classes are held there): Monday – Thursday: 8:15 AM – 5:00 PM

Please note: Computer labs and networks (both wireless and fixed line) at Jinonice Campus fall under the administration of the UVT (the rector’s office) and not FSV UK. User’s support resides in the office no. 2065.


Accounts at Hollar, Opletalova and Jinonice

User’s account

Each student is issued a computer account for PCs at FSV UK. It is activated once the initial password provided at the service centres has been changed. It is not allowed to provide the log-in data to any other person; students bear the responsibility for the misuse of their account in case of its insufficient protection of the password. 

A student is entitled to use his/her account throughout the duration of active studies only. Once the studies have been completed the account is automatically terminated.

A student’s PC account may be temporarily blocked or terminated in cases of the violation of the rules regarding the use of the computer technology of the faculty.

The log-in and password (CAS)

A student is issued an initial password at the service centre which s/he is required to change here within 5 days. The password applies to all the rectorate’s applications (SIS, Eduroam, library, etc.). More information about the Charles University Authentication Service (CAS UK) here

Forgotten log-in

As of the mid-September, the laboratories 108 (Hollar) and 016 (Opletalova) will have computers allowing access to the website without the log-in process. Such terminals will be visibly labelled with a sign “logins". Students may get their log-in at the workplaces of user’s support during the office hours (Hollar: room 214, Opletalova: room 017, Jinonice: room 3091 or room 2065 – ÚVT).

Log-in process to the computers

If a student has an access to the CAS s/he is also granted access to the PCs at FSV UK. Unlike the CAS a student has to insert a name log-in and not numerical log-in in the Hollar and Opletalova buildings. In the CAS a name log-in may be found right under the numerical log-in. If the log-in to the PC has failed it is necessary to verify if a student (using the same log-in data as for PC) may log into CAS.


Workplaces of user’s support at FSV UK

Any problems faced by students will be dealt with during the office hours.


User’s disk

Each user is provided with a network disk of 250 MB used for the storage of data and connected as a unit I:\. Such a disk is only designed for the storage of data related to studies.


Network printers

Printers can be found in the libraries at both Hollar and Opletalova buildings. See the prices of printing here.


Faculty e-mails for students

Each student has access to e-mail address accessible through Gmail.

Your email is in the format:; the password is identical to CAS password.

Information about using Google applications 

Internet connection for your computer


Computer laboratories in the Hollar building and in Opletalova offer two connection alternatives for your notebooks:

  • via Wi-Fi wireless access (access through EDUROAM)

Full instructions on how to use Wi-Fi at the university, and how to access the Eduroam network is available at the Charles University Computer Centre website.   



Connecting laptops to the network is subject to the same restrictions that apply to the desktop computers in the laboratories:

  • HTTP protocol port 80 for any application
  • HTTPS protocol port 443 only for specified servers

Using Wi-Fi wireless access disables access to the following services:

logging on to the Faculty file server (samba) with user’s discs (I:)

the SMTP, SMTPS protocols for the Faculty mail server (


User support

As notebooks brought in from the outside do not come under the IT administration, no user support applies.

Using Computer Printers

Each of our computer rooms and each of our libraries are attached to a central print server. Students who wish to print a document from their computer workstation send the required document/web-page to the central print server, where it is held in a line until the student gives the server an instruction to actually print the documents. 

To print the documents, students will need their electronic university ID card.  Students should place their card on the electronic reader next to the printer. This will automatically identify the student, print out any documents that are waiting on the server, and deduct the appropriate charge from the credit on the card. Obviously, students should make sure they have enough credit to cover their print requirements before they do this.

Documents may be printed from any printer in the Hollar/Opletalova system.  They do not necessarily have to be printed in the same room where the student has been working.


Locations of Printers & Printer Charges

Hollar Building: There is a RICOH combined photocopier/network printer in the Library. 

See the prices here.


Opletalova Building: There is a RICOH combined photocopier/network printer in the Library. 

See the prices here.


Adding Credit to Your Card

Credit may be added to the card in both Hollar and Opletalova Libraries, at any time they is open.

Credit may be added in units of CZK 50, 100, 200, or 500. Payment can be made in bank notes, 50 CZK coins or by card (card: Hollar Library only). Any unused credit must be used up within 14 days of the end of student's studies. At present we are unable to return unused credit.

Computers Login inside FSV UK buildings

Some changes have been made to regulate access options for logging into computers inside FSV UK buildings:

First-year students and students or PhD students from other universities please note: to access PCs in Hollar and Opletalova buildings, you will first need to log into CAS UK with the access data obtained at registration. After an initial password change, which will be reflected automatically on the Faculty’s data server, it will then be possible for you to log into the Faculty’s PCs (with the login and the changed password).

Existing students also have the option of changing their password into a CAS UK password and to use this password to log into the Faculty’s PCs.

The students based in Jinonice campus are not affected and their access remains unchanged. Such students remain in the care of UVT (Rectorate) employees in Jinonice.

The current PhD students in Hollar and Opletalova buildings, who do not have the CAS UK login and password, (and use the login and password assigned to them by Faculty’s IT Department) may continue to access Faculty’s PCs as usual. However, they may get the CAS UK login and password, if they wish - in this case you need to visit the authentication service site and change your password, following this action you will be able to log into the Faculty’s PCs.

If you have any problems, please contact IT support at: