IT Support, Computers and Login

IT Support

Need help? Do not hesitate to contact the IT Department:

Computer Labs

Hollar building  
Room Nr. 108
Location 2nd floor
Opening hours

accessible only outside regular classes

Entrance with a student chip card

Opletalova building  
Room 016
Location in the underground area, under the stairs straight ahead
Opening hours

The laboratory is open to the public (unless classes are held there):

Monday-Thursday: 08:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Entrance with a student chip card

Pekařská building  
Room 308 and 315
Location 2nd floor
Opening hours

accessible only outside regular classes (according to the SIS schedule)

Practical Information

User account

Each student is issued a computer account for PCs at FSV UK. It is activated after changing the initial password provided by the service centers. It is not allowed to provide login details to any other person; students are responsible for the misuse of their account in case of insufficient password protection.

The student is entitled to use his account only for the period of active study. Upon completion of the study, the account is automatically terminated.

The student's PC account may be temporarily blocked or terminated in the event of a breach of the rules of the faculty's computer technology.

The log-in and password (CAS)

The student is issued an initial password at the service center, which needs to be changed within 5 days. The password is valid for logging in to the FSV UK PCs and for all Rectorate applications (CAS, SIS, faculty Gmail, Office365, etc.). More information about the Authentication Service of Charles University (CAS UK) is here.

The process of logging on to computers

If the student has an access to the CAS, they are also allowed access to the PC at FSV UK. They need to use their ID as a login (on the student card under the photo). The password is identical to CAS. In case of unsuccessful login to the PC, it is necessary to verify whether the student can log in to the CAS using the same login details.

User support department at FSV UK

Any problems of students will be solved during office hours, or at the e-mail address -

User disk

Each user has a 100 MB network disk, which is used for data storage and is mounted as drive I: \. Such a disk is only intended for storing study-related data.

Faculty e-mails for students

Every student has access to the e-mail address available via Gmail.

Your email is in the format: UKČ; the password is the same as the CAS password.

Information about using Google applications


Wi-Fi wireless connection (EDUROAM access) is available in the buildings for connecting laptops and telephones to the Internet. Complete instructions on how to use Wi-Fi at the university and how to connect to the Eduroam network are available on the website of the UK Computer Center.

The password for Eduroam can be created or found in CAS, in the menu "Other accounts" here.

Wireless Wi-Fi access does not allow login to user profile and data on user drive I: \

Non-FSV laptops and mobile phones are not covered by user support.

In case of problems, contact IT support at:

Using Computer Printers

Network printers for students can be found in the libraries in the Hollar, Opletalova and Jinonice buildings. Students can print from computers in the library designated for this purpose.

Students will need their electronic university ID to print documents. Students should place their card on the electronic reader next to the printer. It automatically identifies the student, prints all the documents waiting on the server, and deducts the appropriate fee from the credit on the card. Students should, of course, make sure they have enough credit to cover their printing requirements before they do so. Documents can be printed from any network printer for students. They do not necessarily have to be printed in the same room from which the student entered the print.

Add credit to your card

Credit can be added to the card in the Hollar, Opletalova and Jinonice libraries whenever they are open.

The credit can be added in units of 50, 100, 200 or 500 CZK. Payment can be made by banknotes, CZK 50 coin or card (card only: Hollar library). The student must use up any unused credit within 14 days of graduation. We are unable to return unused credit at this time.

Printer locations and printer fees

Hollar Building: The combined copier / network printer is located in the library - ground floor of the building, entrance from the courtyard.

Opletalova building: The combined copier / network printer is located in the library - 3rd floor opposite the elevator.

Jinonice Library: The combined copier / network printer is located at the student computers opposite the counter.

Check out the prices here.


Revised June 2022.