Collecting courses for virtual mobility in Summer Semester 2022/23


Collecting courses for virtual mobility in Summer Semester 2022/23

Let us inform you about Collecting courses for virtual mobility and the new call for POVIM fund for the summer semester 2022/2023.

Virtual mobility courses were divided into three categories:

  • 4EU+ Joint Courses (category 1) - courses created within the 4EU+ alliance e.g. edu projects, that can be offered to all 4EU+ students - not eligible for POVIM support;
  • 4EU+ Shared Courses (category 2) - meeting 4EU+ criteria, flagship and/or key competences, offered to all 4EU+ students - POVIM support can be requested;
  • Open Courses (category 3) - courses open outside the 4EU+ alliance, i.e. do not meet 4EU+ criteria, flagship and/or key competences, should be offered to students of all partner universities - POVIM support can be requested.

For more details on the categories - see here.

For the collection of VM courses of category 1 and 2 within 4EU+, the conditions set out in Collection 4EU+ SS 22_23 apply. All required information about VM course must be published in SIS by 10 December 2022.

Category 3 VM courses can be published and offered at any time during the year but the syllabus in SIS has to be completed by 10 December 2022 if you wish to apply for POVIM support.

The collection of all VM Courses is done directly in SIS by ticking “Virtual mobility” in the course description not later than on 10 December 2022.

How to apply for POVIM fund support:

The POVIM fund is intended for CU academic staff who teach an online course in SS 22/23 and administrative staff who take care of administration and management of VM. You can find more information on the CU website.

Applications for support, legibly completed and signed by the person to whom the support is intended, should be sent on the prescribed form (see POVIM application form) on following e-mail address: by 7 December 2022.

Applications submitted after 7 December 2022 or not properly completed will be automatically excluded from the selection process, as well as applications for VM courses that are not entered in SIS with completed syllabus by 10 December 2022.

More information can be found here.