Results of Mobility Funding

Results of Mobility Funding

The results are available in Mobility Funding Application where you submitted your application. Once the results are available, you will be informed by e-mail. 

Before departure

Before your departure you will send/ email to IO confirmation of acceptance received from the partner university and approved and signed study plan (list of courses), signature of your study programme supervisor is enough. Should it change during your stay, you always have to update it and have it approved by your study programme supervisor of your home university. 


Should there be any changes (cancellation or cut in the exchange) or any other complications, please inform the Exchange Programme Coordinator as soon as possible.


I would like to kindly ask you to submit:

  • Confirmation of stay, where the exact start and end dates will be given. This data may not differ by more than 15 days in total (from your application) to prevent reversal of financial contributions. This document will be issued by the host university on their letterhead at your request. Please ask for it before you leave your host university. In case, your university does not have its own form.
  • Final report of stay - student mobility - must be submitted to the MF application after your return. 
  • A student in bachelor, master or Ph.D. program has to ask for the "Transcript of records" at the host institution. According to the new international mobility policies: (in Czech only)  that is valid from the Fall Semester 2018, students of bachelor programs are obliged to obtain the minimum of 20 ECTS credits per semester, students of Master's and of Ph.D. programs 15 ECTS credits per semester. The transfer between credits used in other countries and our ECTS credits is always up to your supervisor. The limit of 20 or 15 ECTS is meant for our ECTS credits, therefore you can bring fewer credits from abroad and it still can be 15/20 ECTS here. It only concerns student exchanges of one to two semesters.
  • Completed List of Courses - Recognition of Credits - If your courses were different from the original list approved by your supervisor before your departure from CR, you are required to submit the completed and updated form signed by your supervisor again together with the transcript (all the courses displayed in the transcript must be in the form as well). Based on this document, we will verify that you have brought 15 or 20 required ECTS credits. If the transcript matches the original list there is no need to present this document again. Please discuss any changes in the courses with your supervisor, to avoid any problems. If you plan to recognize the courses in your studies here, a copy of the official form approved by your supervisor that has to be submitted to your study coordinator will be enough to be handed over to me. It only concerns student exchanges of one to two semesters.


If your mobility is taking place in two calendar years (e.g. starts September 22 and finishes January 23) you need to fill in a partial report

Partial report - Student Mobility - A

Partial report - Student Mobility - B

Partial report - Student Mobility - C

Partial report - Academic Mobility - C

After the mobility is finished

Final report - Mobility of student of FSV UK - A

Confirmation of stay

Final report - Mobility of student of FSV UK - B

Final report - Academic Mobility - C

Final report - Student Mobility - C

Final report - Mobility of international academic employees at CU


The contact person: Veronika Šilhová phone: 222 112 140,