Form of study: full-time and combined
Type of study:


Standard length of study: 4 years

The doctoral study programme of Sociology at the FSV UK prepares students for basic and applied research and teaching in the academia, in scientific and research institutes and in other institutions requiring a high level of theoretical and methodological education in sociology or related disciplines.

The doctoral study programme of Sociology at the FSV UK is open: anybody with a Master’s (or equivalent) degree can apply.

Information about graduate employment

The programme supports the development of sociological thinking, especially as a scientific discipline composed of both basic research in the main fields of social sciences and applied research. The students must prove their knowledge of present-day theories and methodology and also their ability to contribute independently to the science with new knowledge that meets internationally recognised standards. The variants of the graduate profile lead to scientific careers or teaching at tertiary level, analytical or expert work (in consultancy agencies, market and media research, think tanks, individual organisations or corporations). The graduate also receives training suitable for employment in science and research, education, and organisation and management.