Form of study: full-time and combined
Type of study:


Standard length of study: 4 years

The doctoral study program Media and Communication studies is designed for candidates who are deeply interested in following or related topics:

- Media Studies
- Journalism Studies
- Political Communication
- Social construction of reality
- Discourse studies
- Visual Journalism
- Sports Journalism
- Media History
- Strategic Communication, Marketing and PR
- Artificial Intelligence and Media, Big Data, Algorithms
- Cultural Studies
- Audience Studies
- Participatory Studies
The study program prepares students for independent academic work in the field of communication, media and marketing studies at universities, with substantial knowledge of communication and media theories and methodologies.

Information about graduate employment

The graduate of the doctoral program of Media and Communication Studies knows methods of analysis of media production, media products, and content, audience, and users. He is an expert on the issues of the history and present of media and their position in changes in the social, political and cultural context, able to synthesize knowledge in the social sciences and humanities and to interpret current trends in media development and media and strategic communication.

Doctoral graduates are prepared for academic careers at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, and for employment as media analysts in applied research. As social scientists, they can work in institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic or other scientific workplaces. They can also act as analysts of communication processes in the political or commercial sphere.