Rector's Mobility Fund

News: Call for Applications Fall 2019

The results of the Fall 2019 round should be available at the end of November in the online application.


The university's main instrument for the support of students studying abroad the Rector's Mobility Fund (Fond mobility UK), which was set up in 2001 primarily to help finance university-to-university exchanges.

Financial support from the Rector's Mobility Fund may be granted to both the student, the academic staff and the visiting academic staff.

The Mobility Fund generally issues two calls for funding applications per year, one with a deadline in March, and one in October

Applications must be made through the International Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences (NOT to the Rectorate), and students should note that the Faculty has its INTERNAL deadline for applications, which is generally about 10 days before the final deadline at the Rector's Office, so we have time to check the applications properly. All applicants must apply through the online application of the Rectorate.


The Mobility Fund has two basic principles: 

  • It will only ever fund future travel plans (i.e. it will not fund travel in arrears).
  • It will provide no more than half of the student's anticipated expenses. The aim of the Mobility Fund is to provide a contribution to the student's extra living/study expenses while they are abroad, not to provide 100% financing.
  • The contribution cannot be claimed for Erasmus + stays, which include a scholarship.

The level of funding is also determined by the number of applications received and by the budget available. The Rector reserves the right to reduce the level of funding to individual students and/or to turn down individual applications completely when budget constraints demand it. 


Applications to the Mobility Fund must include the following documents: 

  • A letter of motivation including a detailed plan of study
  • Confirmation of nomination for the exchange and/or a letter of acceptance
  • Evidence of language ability
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Completed application form

All the documents may be submitted in English or in Czech.

More detailed information is available on the Mobility Fund webpage.

Students seeking to fund their individual study/research trips related to their thesis may also apply for funding from the Rector's Mobility Fund under the same conditions as exchange students.