Spring call ends on 30th June at 4p.m.

For the spring 2023 round of the POINT program, applications for support can only be submitted from June 15 to June 30, 2023.

Applications can be submitted only online via systém interních soutěží UK, which will be opened on June 15, 2023 in 6:00 in the morning. The online application closes 30th June 2023 at 4 p.m.

Due to the repeated postponement of the deadline for the implementation of the spring round of the program, applicants will be able to apply for a financial contribution for mobilities held from 1 May 2023. This means that, quite exceptionally, they will also be able to apply for mobilities that will end before the start of receiving applications on 15 June 2023.

Due to the shortened period during which it will be possible to submit applications in the IS Věda UK system, we recommend that applicants secure all mandatory attachments to the application before the start of receiving applications.

The reason for the decision of the CU management dated March 24, 2023 to postpone the spring round of the program is the reform of the financial resource in connection with the entry of the new vice-rector for foreign affairs. The goal of the reform is the creation of a new commission and more strategically targeted financial support for the benefit of all applicants.

Based on the amendment to the rector's measure No. 10/2020, in the calendar year 2023, applications only for activities A) and B) according to Article in the rector's measure, which is short term student mobilities and summer schools organised by the faculties, ar accepted. In view of the postponement of the deadline, it is possible to submit applications in this round also for mobilities that were implemented during May and June 2023.

Update information will be published here on the website and also on the university website.

In the autumn call it is possible to apply for financial support for activities which will take place throughout the following calendar year. 


POINT programme (Support for Internationalization of Charles University) is one of the supporting tools of financing activities aimed to increase the level of internationalisation at Charles University (CU). Goal of this programme is to support short term internationalization activities. The programme is based on Rector´s Measure.

It gives students an opportunity to gain financial support for following activities:

  • Support for participation in or stays of CU students at summer schools (excluding language courses);
  • Short-term unpaid student internships up to a maximum of 3 weeks,
  • Participation in international competitions and championships,
  • Participation in student conferences (a professional conference that students can attend. A prerequisite for granting financial support is active participation, i.e. paper presentation.)
  • Attending meetings related to the internationalisation of Charles University activities


The preference is given to an active student participation on workshops and seminars in a lenght of  up to 3 weeks.

For faculties and other units of CU it brings opportunities to get support for short term activities such as: 

  • Support for the organisation of international summer schools of a non-profitable nature organised by CU faculties or other units


Applications can be submitted twice a year – in the spring from 1st of April till 30th of April and in the autumn from 1th of November till 30th of November.

In the autumn call it is possible to apply for financial support for activities which will take place throughout the following calendar year. 

Applicants are required to submit their applications online via systém interních soutěží UK within the deadline.

Application form templates are available online in the web application "systém interních soutěží UK“.

Part of the application is a motivation letter (1 standard page) and a program of the event.

It’s recommended to well articulate the impact of student’s participation on conference, course, intership, summer school etc. in the application. It’s important to see the impact on student’s scientific and study area as well as consequent benefits for faculty department, scientific workplace, faculty and the whole CU. During the approval process the Expert panel takes into account projects related to the internationalization of the University's activities abroad.

Applicants who have not applied for a financial contribution in the past, or was not assigned to them will be prioritised for support.


  • support is provided for a purpose, i.e. it is tied to a specific applicant
  • activity and implementation dates support does not apply to summer language schools
  • can only be applied for activities that have yet to take place
  • change in the date of the field trip is possible under the condition that the applicant informs the faculty in writing before the event
  • cannot apply for trips within the CEEPUS program
  • cannot be combined with the Mobility Fund
  • active participation for students means active output or involvement in the program (presentation of contribution)
  • the student can be awarded financial support for travel, accommodation and meals, but not for the participation fee
  • support is preferentially provided to those applicants who have not yet received support from the POINT program in the past
  • the maximum amount of allocated support for students is CZK 40,000
  • the maximum amount of allocated support for faculties and other parts of the Charles University as organizers of summer schools and extracurricular events is CZK 80,000
  • if the applicant received financial support for the project from the UK Grant Agency and plans short-term mobility as part of the project, it is not possible to apply for a contribution from the POINT program for such mobility

Required final documents

Category Ai: Support of students mobility – short term stays

Physical Mobility

  • Final report
  • Confirmation of stay (e.g. a certificate, a confirmation from a foreign institution etc.). Students do not provide accounting documenty

Category Bi: Support for the organization of international non-profitable summer schools

  • Final report
  • Billing

Final report and all documents are to be submitted online via – systém interních soutěží UK – within two months of the termination of the project or return from the study stay. Required forms, documents and final documents are available online, stored there by categories. The instructions HOW TO INSERT THE FINAL REPORT can be found in the web application as well.


After inserting the final report and mandatory documents (Annexes by category) it is necessary that the applicant changes the status of the application to COMPLETED.


The allocated financial support is paid to students in the form of a scholarship. It’s an extraordinary award to support study abroad and it goes through SIS.  Therefore it is needed to fill the bank account number in SIS. The financial support granted to academics is paid based on the travel order.


More information can be found at the Charles university webpage.


For more information contact the head of IO Michaela Rudinská, email: svoz@fsv.cuni.cz