FSV UK's information guide regarding the conflict in Ukraine

FSV UK's information guide regarding the conflict in Ukraine

On this page you will find the FSV UK's information guide on the conflict in Ukraine.

A special email address life@fsv.cuni.cz was set up for communication with Ukrainian students. At the university level, a central communication platform www.ukrajine.cuni.cz was established, which provides an infoline, psychological assistance offer, important contacts, information on possible support, etc. We will update this website regularly.

Offer your lectures to Ukrainian students

Are you an academic member of staff and would you like to offer your lectures in English to Ukrainian students who are unable to study at their universities? Please fill the form here.

Information about the admission of Ukrainian students

Applications for the Free mover program in the summer semester 2021/22 are suspended.

More information for Ukranian applicants is available here.

Volunteers at CU

If you want to volunteer to help Ukraine, contact the Charles University coordinator Martin Čihák at martin.cihak@ruk.cuni.cz.

You can also join the Charles University's Facebook group for volunteers.

Volunteers at FSV UK

Our students have the opportunity to help Ukrainian students during their enrolment into the Free mover programme at FSV UK. The help consists of the assistence during the enrolment, student ID card pick-up, SIS orientation etc. 

More information here.

Contact for students

The email life@fsv.cuni.cz was established for communication with students.

Contact for media

Any questions will be answered by the spokesperson of FSV UK, Mgr. Klára Hyláková.