A Word from the Dean of FSV UK Alice Němcová Tejkalová


A Word from the Dean of FSV UK Alice Němcová Tejkalová

Dear Colleagues,

on Tuesday we will launch the academic year of 2020/21. As it is already clear, it will be a challenging year, requiring our determination, discipline and flexibility. I know that Covid-19 raises concerns; it’s a disease with potentially serious consequences. However, it is not the only disease around, only the most visible one at the moment, and we should not allow it to control our lives. How would our ancestors - who had to endure famine, war, great suffering - look at us nowadays? It is, of course, true that we are much less resilient than they used to be, and many people died then. We are not ready for that, either. I cannot imagine it myself. We must do all we can to prevent this from happening. I realize, nevertheless, that even though the current situation often seems complicated and psychologically demanding to us, this is not the end of the world. Therefore, we should not give up on the upcoming academic year.

Let us look for what is good, use our creativity and knowledge to help others and the whole society and let us not yield to dejection or pessimism. Let us raise our heads and face the situation together with considerate but non-isolating behaviour. Let us protect ourselves and others, let us not take unnecessary risks, but still let us carry on with our lives and not hibernate. On behalf of the faculty management, I would like to wish you good luck, sound health and a successful year of 2020/21!

Alice Němcová Tejkalová
the Dean