Thanks from the FSV UK Dean Tomáš Karásek

Tomáš Karásek

Thanks from the FSV UK Dean Tomáš Karásek

Dear colleagues,

It has been more than two months since the beginning of the current phase of Russian aggression against Ukraine. An admirable wave of solidarity with the Ukrainian nation has risen in Czech society, which includes the efforts of Charles University and our faculty to help those who are closest to us professionally, i.e. Ukrainian students and academics. As a faculty, we have supported our current students from Ukraine with a one-time scholarship and waived tuition fees. In cooperation with the university, we accepted dozens of Ukrainian students in the 'freemovers' mode, which will then allow them to continue their full-time studies at FSV UK. The preparation of a special admission procedure for applicants from Ukraine has started. On the personal initiative of many academics, we are hiring Ukrainian colleagues. The FSV UK has also set up an expert group to offer expert, research-based contributions to ongoing debates in the public sphere.

I would like to thank everyone who is involved in organizing assistance to Ukraine at the faculty. In addition to the above-mentioned activities, many thanks go to all those who appear in the media under the FSV UK banner and in an exemplary way help the faculty and the university to fulfil its so-called third role in society. I am particularly proud of our students, who are actively helping their Ukrainian colleagues to cope with this extremely difficult situation. And I very much appreciate everyone who, in addition to their professional activities, participates in various forms of assistance within the non-profit sector. I am proud that we fulfill, not only through our expertise but also morally, the academic ideals on which Charles University is founded.

We do not know when or how the conflict in Ukraine will end, but it is clear that its effects will be long-lasting and serious. The faculty is ready to meet its commitments to help those who need it and to whom we can offer it effectively. I welcome any initiative that will help the citizens of Ukraine to cope with the current tragic situation and I will remain grateful for it. I am really proud of us as a faculty and I would like to sincerely thank you all, students and staff, for your commitment.

PhDr. JUDr. Tomas Karasek, Ph.D.