Supply Chain Resilience Center: Charles University and Taiwan cooperation

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Supply Chain Resilience Center: Charles University and Taiwan cooperation

Charles University and its faculties have launched a joint project with National Chengchi University in Taiwan to establish the Supply Chain Resilience Center. The universities will jointly explore supply chain resilience. The centre is part of a so-called multi-project in which the Taiwanese government is supporting the development of the semiconductor environment in the Czech Republic.

The Centre is being established as a joint consortium of National Chengchi University, where activities are coordinated by the International College of Innovation; and Charles University, where activities will be implemented at four faculties and coordinated by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

"The coronavirus pandemic, the Russian aggression in Ukraine, and the poor availability of some essential medicines in Europe, for example, show us how fragile are the threads that connect our global community," said the Vice-Dean for development David Emler from the Institute of International Studies FSV UK. He added that the centre's activities focus on the resilience of semiconductor supply chains, a key segment for industrial and economic development in Central Europe.

More information can be found in the press release.