One-month scholarships for PhD students and postdocs at the University of Vienna

University of Vienna

One-month scholarships for PhD students and postdocs at the University of Vienna

Our partner university in Vienna offers 4 one-month academic stays suitable for PhD students and postdocs within the framework of inter-university cooperation.

The above-mentioned academic stays are scheduled for September – December 2021 and shall therefore be initiated within this time period. Please note that all candidates will be responsible to manage the accommodation for the academic stay on their own. Each successful candidate reserves the right to receive 1.000 € scholarship per month.

Furthermore, the candidates are appointed to agree on the details of their academic stay with their respective academic partner (i.e. supervisor); you can also find your own academic partner here

Each candidate is supposed to provide the academic partner with a brief personal introduction and enclose the description of the actual academic stay. Moreover, each candidate shall inform the respective academic partner about the one-month scholarship claim (if applicable) and arrange the term of the eventual academic stay beforehand. The academic partner will subsequently issue the Acceptance letter of a supervisor; please note that this letter has to be enclosed along with the other following attachments (in English):

  • Application form (download here
  • Standardized Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications
  • Short bibliography related to the research topic
  • Detailed description of the research project and its main purpose
  • Recommendation letter from the CU and grade point average from the previous study
  • Pre-acceptance letter from the University in Vienna (acceptance letter of an academic supervisor)

All application forms have to be submitted to the International Relations Office of FSV UK (email: until 20 July, 2021.