research team from FSV UK won the Miloslav Petrusek Award

Carolinum ceremony research team from FSV UK won the Miloslav Petrusek Award

The Miloslav Petrusek Award for presentation is awarded for a positive achievement that has a significant impact on the perception of Charles University. This year it was awarded to a research team from the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism FSV UK for a project called COVID-19 infodemie, namely:

  • PhDr. Václav Moravec, Ph.D. et Ph.D
  • doc. PhDr. Alice Němcová Tejkalová, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Veronika Macková, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Radek Mařík, CSc.
  • Mgr. Alžběta Krausová, Ph.D., LL.M.
  • Mgr. Victoria Nainová

The aim of this interdisciplinary project, linking journalism, medical and computer science, is to reduce the level of disinformation not only in relation to COVID-19, but also to other future epidemics, by identifying selected forms of information distortion in the media. The resulting findings and analyzes are available to both professionals and the general public on the website.

In connection with the current situation in Ukraine, the awarded FSV UK research team decided to donate the funds they received in connection with the Miloslav Petrusek Award to to the Charles University Endowment Fund. The funds will be used to support Ukrainian students and academics at Charles University.

The academics received the award during a ceremonial meeting on the occasion of the 674th anniversary of the founding of Charles University. 

Text: Pavla Hubálková

Photo: Vladimír Šigut