Current information for students and applicants by CU

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Current information for students and applicants by CU

Vice-Rector for Education Prof. MUDr. Milena Králíčková, PhD, and CU Rector Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA would like to inform you about the most important measures and changes concerning your studies. Dates valid for our faculty will be published next week, please follow the FSV UK website. Thank you for your patience.

Academic year schedule

CU expect to extend the teaching period by 1 to 4 weeks depending on the faculty and the type of degree programme. At all faculties, the examination period will be modified so that it will last throughout the month of July, and then in September until at least until 18 September. As for the submission of final theses, all faculties can adjust (change or postpone) deadlines independently.

Long-distance examinations

Examinations and other checks for the subject of degree programmes can be set remotely. Number of credits for progress to the next stage of study. Due to ongoing distance learning, CU is not currently considering changing the rules on the number of credits that must be earned to advance to the next stage of study.

Final state exams

At present, CU do not allow the sitting of final exams in distance form (e.g. via video call). CU assumes that they will take place in a standard manner after the emergency measures have ended. If it is necessary to postpone the final state examinations, the new deadlines will be announced at least one month in advance.

In the event that the measures last for more than thirty days, CU will consider the possibility of holding state final examinations remotely.

Maximum duration of study

In the event that a student has completed the maximum period of study between the declaration of emergency and the end of the calendar year 2020, this maximum period is extended by 12 months from the date on which the maximum period of study was to have expired.


CU in not currently considering changes to scholarships.

Stays/scholarships abroad (Erasmus and other mobility)

In the event that a student has already travelled and mobility was terminated during the course of the crisis, the student will hand over documents on the use of funds after the crisis and will return only the remaining unused funds from the scholarship provided. If the student participating in the mobility has not yet travelled, he/she will be allowed to postpone the mobility to the next semester or year. Students returning from mobility now will be involved in distance learning and/or courses organised for the relevant degree programme.

Rigorous procedure

In general, the deadline for passing the state rigorous examination is four years from the announcement of the faculty to the applicant that his/her application has been approved. In the event that this period is due to expire in the period from the announcement of the state of emergency to the end of the calendar year 2020, this period shall be extended by twelve months from the date on which it was to have expired.

Read the letter from the Recor and Vice-Rector on CU website.