• IPS students take precedence, but students from other institutes can also apply, the contract is made with the Center for Military and Strategic Studies
  • University web page: University of Calgary
  • Under this contract, students can choose from STST (Strategic Studies) and POLI (Political Science) subjects, then, 1 or 2 courses can be selected in other fields if the student has the required academic background.
  • Number of available applications additional call winter semester: 2
  • Important information for applicants!
  • English Language Proficiency information
  • Fact Sheet 2018/2019
  • Students accepted under the agreement do not pay tuition fees. Other costs, such as accommodation, food, travel and health insurance are paid by the students themselves. Selected students may apply for a grant from the UK Mobility Fund.

Queen's University at Kingston

  • University web page: Queen's University at Kingston
  • Number of slots: 1 for Fall Term
  • Important information 
  • Language requiremets: English 
  • Possible to study Fall Term (September - December), Winter Term (January - April)
  • Suitable for IPS students of bachelor or master degree programme