Statute of the Competition

Statute of the Competition

Statute of the Competition

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University annually announces a public competition for student and scientific-research works for Josef VAVROUSEK Award that is devoted to various aspects of sustainability-related issues and values represented by the personality of Josef Vavroušek.

Josef Vavroušek, former Minister of the Environment of ČSFR (the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic) and later a teacher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, became one of the most prominent promoters of the concept of sustainable life as a response to the global (and especially ecological) problems of the contemporary world.

Josef VAVROUSEK Award:

Human Values and Civilization Development Problems

Basic Issues Areas:

  • Human ecology;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Economy of natural resources;
  • Social ethics and economic system;
  • Ethics and functioning of the political system;
  • Social system as a holistic system with target behaviour;
  • Social systems and discount of the future;
  • International political and economic system, territorial international studies and global governance;
  • Mass communication and journalism supporting the values of life on Earth;
  • Educational systems with these goals.


Nature of the Competing Works:

Theoretical, theoretical-empirical or empirical studies with possible outcomes in practical applications.

1. Competition will include Bachelor‘s, Master‘s, and Dissertation theses defended in the current and in the previous academic year with the enclosed examiner‘s reports and information about the result of the defence.            

2. Works that do not require a formal defence may also be included in the competition and do not need to be accompanied by any examiner’s report.

3. The criteria for inclusion in the competition are mainly set by the personality of Josef VAVROUŠEK:

a)  Natural science-related level of the work

b)  Values-related level of the work

c) Context of sustainable development.

4. Works can be written in Czech, Slovak or English. They must always have a summary in the original language and in English.

5. Each participant explicitly states the connection (continuity) between his/her work and Josef VAVROUŠEK’s legacy.

Categories of the Competition:

  1. Bachelor‘s theses
  2. Master‘s and Rigorosum theses
  3. Dissertation theses

Areas of Potential Applicants:

Students, doctoral students and young university graduates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (approximate age up to 35 years).