A new issue of Acta Politologica

Acta Politologica

A new issue of Acta Politologica

The October issue of Acta Politologica, a peer-reviewed social science journal published by the Department of Political Science at the Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, which is included in the Scopus, ERIH PLUS, CEEOL, Google Scholar and DOAJ databases, has just been published.

You will find the following texts in the current issue:

Patrick Sawyer

Populist Conspiracy Theories and Candidate Preference in the U.S. 

Fernanda Vidal-Correa

Transitioning from Descriptive to Substantive Representation: a Study of the Mexican Congress 

Sergio A. Bárcena Juárez

Reinterpreting Theories of Legislative Organization. Committee chair selection in the non-majoritarian stage of the Mexican Cámara de Diputados (1997-2018) 

Lorenzo Terrière & Nicolas Bouteca    With respect for the core business: the impact of party ideology on the odds of government participation among regionalist parties