Rules for Organizing Student Events

Rules for Organizing Student Events at Hollar and Opletalova Buildings

  1. Events can be organized provided that they do not disrupt the course of teaching and do not bring increased costs to the faculty (e.g. nonscheduled cleaning). In the event that this happens, the costs are borne by the organizers of the event.
  2. To organize a social event outside the normal opening hours of the building, the statement of the head of the BMO and the written consent of the Dean are required at least 10 days before the event. The application must contain information about the organized event, date, program and end time of the event.
  3. The condition of holding the event is that there will be no damage or pollution of the building, no illegal behavior or behavior contrary to good morals.
  4. The organizer is fully responsible for the orderly, safe and proper course and termination of the event, and cleaning of the courtyard and affected parts of the building after the end of the event. The building must be fully operational, cleaned and free of signs of the event by 7:30 a.m. the following business day.
  5. Social events can be organized outside normal working hours no more than three times in a calendar month, of which a maximum of two times until midnight and once until 10:00 p.m.
  6. Doormen will be paid an increased wage of CZK 250/hour for periods outside normal opening hours. The organizers of the event bear the co-payment of this porter's salary in the amount of CZK 210/hour.
  7. During social events, it is possible to use only a designated space in the building.
  8. Repeated non-compliance with the rules may result in the restriction of social events.


Petr Balík, Head of the Building Management Office 


Phone: 222 112 213

Seat: Hollar building, courtyard entrance, office No. 1

Rules for Organizing Student Events at Jinonice Compound

Organizing Student Events at Jinonice Compound is managed by the Premises and Facilities Administration