The spring round of POINT was cancelled

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POINT programme (Support for Internationalization of Charles University) is one of the supporting tools of financing activities aimed to increase the level of internationalisation at Charles University (CU). Goal of this programme is to support short term internationalization activities. The programme is based on Rector´s Measure.

It gives students an opportunity to gain financial support for following activities:

  • Support for participation in or stays of CU students at summer schools (excluding language courses);
  • Short-term unpaid student internships up to a maximum of 3 weeks,
  • Participation in international competitions and championships,
  • Participation in student conferences or
  • Attending meetings related to the internationalisation of Charles University activities


The preference is given to an active student participation on workshops and seminars in a lenght of  up to 3 weeks.

For faculties and other units of CU it brings opportunities to get support for short term activities such as: 

  • Stays of academic staff and student representatives of a faculty at meetings within the framework of international university networks (such as Coimbra Group, LERU, UNICA, Europaeum, etc.);
  • Short-term stays of academic staff for the purpose of preparing international projects;
  • Support for the organisation of international summer schools of a non-profitable nature organised by CU faculties or other units



Applications can be submitted twice a year – in the spring from 1st of April till 30th of April and in the autumn from 1th of November till 30th of November.

In the autumn call it is possible to apply for financial support for activities which will take place throughout the following calendar year. 

Applicants are required to submit their applications online via systém interních soutěží UK within the deadline.

Application form templates are available online in the web application "systém interních soutěží UK“.

Part of the application is a motivation letter (1 standard page) and a program of the event.

It’s recommended to well articulate the impact of student’s participation on conference, course, intership, summer school etc. in the application. It’s important to see the impact on student’s scientific and study area as well as consequent benefits for faculty department, scientific workplace, faculty and the whole CU. During the approval process the Expert panel takes into account projects related to the internationalization of the University's activities abroad.


  • The support is provided purposefully, i.e. it is linked to the specific applicant, activity and dates of implementation;
  • Support does not apply to summer language schools;
  • It is only possible to apply for activities that are yet to take place;
  • Change of the date of the stay abroad is possible only if applicant informs the Faculty prior to the event;
  • It is not possible to apply for international trips within CEEPUS programme;
  • Mobility Fund – it is not possible to apply for financial support from POINT and Mobility Fund to the same activity;
  • Active/passive participation (active participation – participation with a short contribution)

Required final documents

Support of students mobility – short term stays

  • Final report
  • Confirmation of the stay (e.g. a certificate, a confirmation from a foreign institution etc.). Students do not provide accounting documents

Academics and employees of CU

  • Final report
  • Accounting
  • Confirmation of the stay – issued by a foreign institution (e.g. a certificate, a confirmation from a foreign institution etc..)

Support for the organization of international non-profitable summer schools

  • Final report
  • Accounting

Final report and all documents are to be submitted online via – systém interních soutěží UK – within two months of the termination of the project or return from the study stay. Required forms, documents and final documents are available online, stored there by categories. The instructions HOW TO INSERT THE FINAL REPORT can be found in the web application as well.


After inserting the final report and mandatory documents (Annexes by category) it is necessary that the applicant changes the status of the application to COMPLETED.


The allocated financial support is paid to students in the form of a scholarship. It’s an extraordinary award to support study abroad and it goes through SIS.  Therefore it is needed to fill the bank account number in SIS. The financial support granted to academics is paid based on the travel order.


More information can be found at the Charles university webpage.