Discount in School Fees

Discount in School Fees

As in previous years, FSV UK will continue to offer students the opportunity to apply for a discount in their final year (or final semester) of study in all English-taught programs. The conditions are as follows:

In case you are to enter the 3rd year of your Master degree studies or higher in October (or 4th year or higher in case of Bachelor studies) and at the same time you have fulfilled all study obligations except for bachelor‘s/diploma seminar + no more than one more unfulfilled subject, you may apply for a discount for the fulfilment of all study obligations and pay a lowered fee in the amount of 600 EUR per academic year, payable at once after the start of the academic year (once we would send you the invoice for the amount).

Please let me remind you that in order to be entitled to this discount you have to:

1)      Fulfill the above-mentioned requirements by 21/10/2020 - to be entering the 3rd or higher year of studies in case of Master degree studies (4th or higher year of Bachelor studies) + have completed all study obligations except for the bachelor‘s/diploma seminar + no more than one more unfulfilled subject.

2)      Apply for the discount by filling in the below-attached form. The filled in, signed original of the application form needs to be handed over back to the international office ( either in person or via post office (to the address Eva Kapuciánová, Smetanovo nábř. 995/6, Praha, 110 00, Czech Republic) until 30/09/2020 (this deadline being the date of reception of the document by the international office – in case you plan to submit the application form via post office we highly recommend you to send it at the latest at least 2 weeks prior to this date). Fax, scan or e-mail copies of the application form will not be accepted.

Should you have doubts about whether you will manage to deliver the original application form to us in time please ask for the discount by sending a scanned copy of the filled-in form until 30/09/2020 to the email eva.kapuciánová Requests for which we will receive a scanned copy of the form prior to 30/09/2020 and for which we will at the same time receive the original form until 21/10/2020 at the latest will still be accepted.

Please be informed that compared to the previous years starting from this year you need to reapply for the discount each year even though you might have already been awarded this kind of discount in the past year.