How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for all our PhD programmes taught in English (both for the full-time and the combined form of study) is 500 EUR/academic year.

Will I be entitled to a stipend?

All students enrolled in a full-time PhD programme are entitled to a regular monthly stipend during the standard length of study (ie. during the first four years of their study). At the moment, this stipend amounts to CZK 10 500. After a state doctoral examination is passed, the stipend increases by CZK 2000 per month. On the other hand, if a student does not fulfil study requirements properly, a stipend can be reduced by up to 50 %.

Can I apply for doctoral study even though I did not finish my Master degree studies yet?

Yes, it is possible. However, you should be aware that a Master degree diploma must be submitted for enrollment in the study.

Do I need to find a supervisor before I apply?

Having a consent of a potential supervisor is not a condition of admission. However, it is strongly recommended that applicants consult their topics in advance either with an intended supervisor or with a guarantor of the study programme to see if their dissertation topic is in line with the respective department research focus.

How can I find a supervisor?

You can look at the List of Supervisors https://is.cuni.cz/studium/eng/skolitel/index.php?KEY=Az1,  where you can find the titles of dissertation projects, each supervisor is/was supervising, and also supervisors´ email addresses so that you can contact them directly. You can also contact the respective PhD Student Services Officer, who will put you in touch with the responsible person at the particular department.  

By when do I have to submit documents of my previous education?

Recognition of your previous education is necesary to submit for enrolling to the study. Without these documents, you cannot be enrolled in the study. It is recommended to start a nostrification process when you already know that you have been accepted into the study. More information about nostrification is possible to find here

Can you arrange an accommodation for me?

We can arrange accommodation in a university dormitory for you. Students are typically housed in double-occupancy rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities but there is also a limited number of single rooms. Accommodation is assigned by the Accommodation Office according to the principle „first-come, first-served“. Unfortunately, you cannot choose which dormitory you will be housed, but we can guarantee that all our accommodation facilities are well accessible by local transportation.

Please note that the accommodation contract is one of the mandatory attachments to the application for study visa in the Czech Republic. Therefore we recommend this type of accommodation especially for successful applicants from visa-seeking countries.

If accommodation in a dormitory is not what you are looking for, you are free to book an accommodation of your choice by yourself. Prague is a vibrant city with many accommodation options available.