Degree Recognition

Degree recognition

Effective from January 1, 2017, all requests for recognition of foreign university education addressed to Charles University shall be submitted to the following address only:


Rectorate of Charles University

Ovocný trh 5/560

116 36 Praha


As of 1st September 2016, a fee of 3 000 CZK will be charged for each request for recognition. More information here

Under Czech law, students who have obtained their Bachelors (or Masters) degree abroad are required to obtain an official document to say that their degree is recognised in the Czech Republic before they can register for a degree programme at a Czech university. Officially, this document is called "Osvedceni o rozhodnuti o uznani rovnocenosti diplomu ziskaneho na zahranicni vysoke skole". Conversationally, however, almost everybody calls it "nostrifikace/nostrification"(degree recognition).

In common with many other countries, the Czech Republic has signed a number of international agreements regarding the mutual recognition of academic titles, and the specific conditions that apply to any particular diploma will depend to some extent on the specific agreement that has been signed with the country concerned. In general, however, the student must find a Czech university which teaches the same (or an equivalent) subject to the one they studied. They then apply to the relevant Czech university for recognition of their diploma.

Applications for nostrification should be made in the first instance to a Czech Faculty (or School) which has an equivalent degree program, and they must contain the following:

  1. A formal application form (below), including the student's current contact information, in which the student asks for his/her diploma to be recognised
  2. A notarized copy of the student's foreign diploma
  3. A notarized copy of an official transcript of records from the whole of the student's earlier university studies
  4. Sworn Czech translations of both documents (an official translation is not required if the original documents are in English or bilingual where at least one of the languages is English)
  5. A document proving the authenticity of the diploma (most commonly an apostille or legalization) may also be required. For further information see the Specific Legal Framework and Procedures in the Czech Republic

Any and all of the documents submitted will NOT be returned.

After it receives the student's application, the Faculty assesses his/her documents and it makes a recommendation to the Rectorate. A final decision on whether or not to issue nostrification is then made by the Rector.

"Nostrifikace" of the student's earlier studies does not have to be carried out by the same Faculty (or even the same University) as the one where the student now wishes to study. What is important is that the Faculty in question has a degree programme equivalent to the one that the student studied abroad. (At the Faculty of Social Sciences, for example, we could consider certifying the equivalence of a Bachelors degree in Economics or Political Science or Sociology, but not in Anthropology or Medicine or Philosophy.)

It is also important that the Faculty in question has the same kind of degree program as the one that the student has previously studied (i.e. it is not possible to seek recognition for a Bachelors degree from a university which does not offer Bachelors degree programs at all). Information about the programs offered by individual faculties and universities are available on their web pages.

Please note:

"Nostrifikace" is needed only by students who wish to register at a Czech university for a degree programme. It is not needed by visiting students, and even in the case of degree applicants, it does not have to be ready at the time the student makes their initial application. The point at which it becomes essential is registration (usually September of the first year of study) since the Faculty is not permitted to register degree students without it. We, therefore, recommend all degree applicants to start working on their nostrification at the same time that they apply for admission to our degree programmes.


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