Degree Recognition

Degree recognition

Under the Czech law, students, who have obtained their previous secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate education degree abroad, are required to obtain an official document to say that their degree is recognised in the Czech Republic before they can register for a degree programme at a Czech university. This document is called "nostrifikace" or a degree recognition.

Applications for "nostrifikace" is part of the admissions process  for a fee 690 CZK and can be made directly at the Cash Office at the Faculty.This applies only for  students who will be enrolled in our degree programmes. 


Application must contain the following:

  1. Student's current contact information;
  2. a notarized copy of the student's foreign diploma;
  3. a notarized copy of the student's official transcript of grades or of the diploma supplement;
  4. sworn translations of both documents into Czech (translations are not required if the original documents are in English or bilingual where one of the languages is English);
  5. in some cases, where demanded by the relevant international agreement, an additional document to prove the authenticity of the diploma may also be required. It is either an apostille or a legalization process done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country of the foreign higher education institution and the diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic in the given country.

For the list of countries and required authentications please see the Charles University website.


In the case of the documents which must be authenticated in the form of Apostille, it is possible to replace the Apostille with an authenticated copy of the documents providing that at the same time at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The foreign secondary school or higher education institution, based on a request sent by the applicant, confirms by e-mail to the faculty that the applicant is a graduate of this foreign secondary school or higher education institution;
  2. the foreign higher education institution sends the faculty a transcript or diploma supplement of the applicant in a sealed envelope, or the applicant submits a transcript in a sealed envelope as part of the documents; or
  3. the official website of the foreign secondary school or higher education institution enables verification as to whether the applicant is one of its graduates (e.g., the possibility to download, after entering a password, the transcript of the applicant from the official website of the foreign higher education institution).

Should you not find the information about the "nostrifikace" process you can contact the International Office at