FAQ Online education

FAQ Online education

Will the Winter semester 2021 be online?

Our intention is to provide in-person teaching in the whole academic year 2021/2022. Nevertheless, the uncertain pandemic situation in the world requires us to be prepared strategically for various restrictions that might have an impact on your travel plans, and the form of education (incl. the complete ban of in-person education).

Therefore, the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University is ready to offer the hybrid form of teaching to our students for the whole winter semester. The hybrid form of teaching means simultaneously in-person education (to an extent allowed by the governmental restrictions) and the possibility of online education to everyone affected by the COVID situation (quarantine, late visa issuance, etc.). See more information in the News section.

Should the pandemic situation not allow in-person education it will be switched into an online format. You can rely on our main goal to secure your safety, the continuity of your studies and the highest quality education.

Is the quality of the online education different from on-site education?

Of course, it is of great importance that you can also rely on good education in these difficult circumstances. Our programmes do everything to ensure that both the education and the examinations meet the quality requirements that normally also apply. There is a code of conduct for teachers (and students) that establishes guidelines for teaching and learning through remote environments, or any form of education that primarily relies on IT services.

Will the different time-zone be taken into account with online teaching?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible because students from countries in all parts of the world may have to start their studies online. However, many online courses can be accessed whenever it suits you and there are often opportunities to ask any questions you may have by mail or chats.

Will I be able to get in touch with other students?

You can get in touch with other students by taking part in an Orientation week. The Faculty of Social Sciences cooperates with Erasmus Student Network which provides besides buddy programme various activities for international students at Charles University. The Faculty and its student's communities will also organise other social activites if the pandemic situation allows. The information will be published at the Faculty website, social media and via emails.  

Is there a reduction in tuition fees if I study online?

No, because online education remains on the same level of quality as on-campus education and you will receive the same diploma as on-campus education, the tuition fees will not be reduced.


Unfortunately, the University rules do not allow to defer the studies for next year. If you want to defer your studies e.g. due to the COVID restrictions, you will have to submit a new complete application of the at least same quality for the next academic year. You can state in your motivation letter that you have been already excepted last year, but due to external circumstances you were not able to register for the programme. This will most certainly help you to be accepted again.  

How do I sign in MS TEAMS?

For using MS TEAMS application you need to distinguish if you sign in via the rectorate (university) licence using yourIDnumber@cuni.cz or via the Faculty licence using yourIDnumber@fsv.cuni.cz.

It is strongly recommended to students as well as professors to use signing in via the rectorate (university) web cuni.cz.

In order to sign in by means of the rectorate licence you need to use the link https://dl.cuni.cz/ms-teams/ or http://elearning.lfp.cuni.cz/?page_id=48 and sign in under yourIDnumber@cuni.cz. You will then be registered into the rectorate databasis.  

Should an academic use the cuni.cz licence and want to create teams the students must be registered at cuni.cz licence as well. If they are registered only at the fsv.cuni.cz licence, they will not access the team created by an academic. 

For using video call only it is possible to invite into team also non-registered users.

The fsv.cuni.cz licence of 365office will still be available to use, however we suggest to use the cuni.cz licence in order to avoid misconnection between the faculty and university domain in MS TEAMS. Please find manuals and links at the university website.

What are the options of registration into the degree programme

The registration for our English-taught programmes is organized in several consecutive steps.

  1. Online registration
  2. Approval of your registration
  3. Registration into the Student Information System (SIS)
  4. Reservation of an in-person appointment
  5. In-person meeting with us
  6. Getting your Student Card (ISIC)

You can read more detailed instructions here.

You can watch the Introductory Presentation for degree students on our Youtube channel here or download the presentation from here.