FAQ General Measures

FAQ General Measures

What are the current measures related to COVID-19?

There are still plenty of restrictions and limitations to the normal function of society in Czechia. You can find them via the official websites. Nevertheless, the general day-to-day activities are not banned any longer. There are still some limits in regards e.g. the capacity of service, gatherings and such. The main restrictions are imposed on the hygienic measures. You should adopt the general hygienic measures as a new normal of your day-to-day routines.

Moreover, people are ordered to wear a face mask (FFP2 respirators or equivalent) anywhere indoors in public spaces including mass transportation and during mass activities or gatherings outdoors where they cannot guarantee themselves self-distancing to other people.

The usage of majority services is conditioned by the proof of non-infectivity that is in the majority of cases understand as:

1. proof of vaccination (at least 14 days after the complete vaccination);
2. proof of recovery from COVID illness (up to 180 days from the first negative test result);
3. proof of negative test - not older than 7 days for PCR tests; not older than 3 days for Antigen tests.

Please note, you will also need one of these proofs when you want to visit some of our University facilities.

You can find some useful answers on how to orientate yourself in the governmental restrictions during your everyday life here.

What are the newest measures on student preventive testing?

At this moment the mandatory testing of students is cancelled. The information listed below are not valid at the moment. In specific cases, the proof of non-infectivity is a condition for usage of some University facilities and for participation on University activities according to measures of Ministry of Health.


Based on Government Directive no. 393 of 19 April 2021 two extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health have been issued. The measures are related to the operation and functioning of universities, as well as the obligation to test university students in relation to the permitted extent of teaching and accommodation at the university dormitories.

You can find information of the possible personal presence of students at FSV UK at the COVID-19 - LATEST INFORMATION.

According to the new resolution all students accommodated at the university dormitories are obliged to undergo preventive testing once a seven days. The obligation includes all students including Erasmus+ or exchange students even if they do not attend on site teaching at the moment.

Preventive testing for students is performed at the CU test centre on Studničkova street in Albertov. Testing start on Saturday 24 April 2021 from 9 a.m. and is possible ONLY following prior reservation through the reservation system. The reservation system will be open to students from 7.00 a.m. on Friday 23 April 2021. For the purposes of reservation and confirmation, the employee number shall be your ISIC number.

After making a reservation, please fill out and print this confirmation form. If you are unable to print it out, you will be able to pick the printed form at the dormitory’s reception or you will also be able to fill out the form in person at the test centre prior to the test itself.

If the result of a preventive antigen test is positive, the university gives the student confirmation of a positive test. Student informs his/ her coordinator and follows strict quarantine regime until undergoing confirmative RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 presence. If the test is positive, the student is obliged to immediately leave the premises of the university or the university’s accommodation facilities; if the student has no other option, they may not leave the accommodation facility, but must follow the quarantine measures.

The test centre in Albertov will be in operation daily: from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. at weekends and from 7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. on weekdays. On Thursday 29 April 2021, a mobile testing team will also be available, primarily for students staying at CU dormitories, and will be stationed in front of Hvězda Dormitory (testing also on the basis of prior reservation). On Friday 30 April 2021, a mobile testing team will also be available, primarily for students staying at CU dormitories, and will be stationed in front of Otava Dormitory (testing also on the basis of prior reservation). The reservation system for the mobile teams can be found at the same link for reservations at Albertov under the tab “Mobile centres”. Here, click on “Hvězda (students)” and “Otava (students)”.

For more information you can check the university website.

Manual for Registration system COVID testing_0.pdf


Other several suggested testing points are to be found here or more at the official website (in Czech only). Should you need assistance please contact the International Office.

Where can I find the governmental restrictions and measures

All the important protective measures are listed here. Unfortunately, the English translations are issued with some delay after the Czech originals. The Czech originals can be found here.


Stay in the self-quarantine, the self-isolation must not be less than 10 days and the last 3 days of your isolation you shall not have any symptoms of the disease. You are OBLIGED to avoid any contact with others (no visits, no classes, no hanging out with friends) and the necessary shopping shall be arranged online or via friends. The start of the isolation is counted from the date of the last contact with the infected person. If the infected person reported meeting with you at the Public Health Authority, wait for their instruction.

What does quarantine mean?

Unless absolutely necessary, do not go outside to public places (no shopping, no public transport use, no walks unless you live in a house with its own garden).
If you need to go outside (e.g. for the PCR test) WEAR THE CLEAN FACE MASK at all time.

The quarantine is 14 days long if you do not undergo any testing and do not have any symptoms during the end of the quarantine, or 10 days long if you undergo the testing (day 5-7 or until day 10) and your result is negative and you are symptoms free.

If you have been tested positive, follow the orders of the doctors and hygienic officials. In general, the quarantine is at least 10 days from your positive test result as long as you have no symptoms by the end of the quarantine.



Below you can find contacts of the particular hygiene stations depending on your residency in Prague (Prague's district where you live). That is for the case you would wait too long for the response from the Public Health Authority of the City of Prague.


Prague district



Central office

Prague 1

Rytířská 404/12, Prague 1

296 336 700


Center and West

Prague 2, 3, 7

Prague 5, 13, 16, 17

Dukelských hrdinů 347/11, Prague 7

233 087 720

233 087 758



Prague 8, 9, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21

Měšická 646/5, Prague 9                           

286 883 001-2



Prague 4, 11, 12

Němčická 1112/8, Prague 4

241 010 346-7



Prague 10, 15, 22

Rybalkova 293/39, Prague 10

271 087 144



Prague 6

Nechanského 590/1, Prague 6

235 365 828

You can find the contacts at the hygiene station's website here.

Where can i buy groceries while being in quarantine or self-isolation?

If you need any shopping order it online and inform them that you are in quarantine, so that they leave it behind your door or at the reception of the hall of residence (the reception will deliver it behind your door) or ask friends to do it for you the same way so there is no contact.

Online grocery stores:






(Should you feel unwell the most typical medicine for fever and flu symptoms are called Paralen, Panadol.)