Elective Course "Management of Science and Innovation"

elective course Management of Science and Innovation, Charles University

Elective Course "Management of Science and Innovation"

Apply for a practical one-semester course Management of Science and Innovation (MSI), brought to you by Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office of Charles University (CPPT).

The course primarily aims at students of the 4th year and higher of Master and PhD programmes of all faculties as well as at academic workers with the ambition to lead scientific or innovation projects. The objective of the course is to provide all university faculties with a uniform education in management of science, project management and technology transfer.

  • The introductory MSI1 is one-semester long, blended course combining webinars and a few workshops, all in English with 6 credits rewarding the students successfully completing it.
  • The next level MSI2 is a more advanced, in-depth series of practical workshops led by hands-on practitioners from different industries.
  • The highest level MSI3 supports the students who decide to prepare and implement a real case via developing a business plan via individual mentoring and consultations with a mentor who is again an experienced practitioner from the relevant industry sector.

Registration starts in September.

For more information go to the CPPT website.