Recognition of Previous Education

Recognition of Previous Education

For admission to a Bachelor’s degree programme, the candidate has to achieve full secondary or finished professional (vocational) secondary education. Students who graduated from high school abroad must have their secondary school leaving certificate nostrified (recognized) by Czech authorities. Conversationally, almost everybody calls this process a "nostrifikace/nostrification".

Ideally, new bachelor study programme students should provide us with a copy of their nostrification document at registration (usually in late September of the first year of study). Since the Faculty is not permitted to register degree students without a recognised secondary education. 

The power to recognise foreign high school diplomas (or other school leaving exams) has been delegated to Prague City Hall (Magistrát hl. města Prahy, Jungmannova 29/35, Prague 1). It is handled by their Department of Education, Youth and Sport (Odbor školství, mládeže a sportu). Detailed instructions in English can be found on the City of Prague website.

Recognition is handled in two different ways, depending on where the original high school diploma was issued:

  • In the case of countries which have signed an international agreement with the Czech Republic on the mutual recognition of high school diplomas, Prague City Hall issues a Certificate of Equivalence ("osvědčení") to confirm that the diploma has been recognised.  This is the case for diplomas issued in Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Slovenia.
  • In the case of diplomas from other countries, Prague City Hall must first assess whether the high school diploma is equivalent to a Czech high school diploma.  It then issues a decision on equivalence called "Nostrifikace". 


In both cases, students will be required to submit the following documents to Prague City Hall:

  • the Request Form (available on City of Prague website)
  • a notarized copy of your high school diploma, together with an official Czech translation from a court-authorised translator
  • an apostille or a legalization clause on the above documents if necessary (legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state where the certificate was issued as well as legalization by the Embassy of the Czech Republic) – depends on the state where the certificate was issued. Apostille Information
  • a summary of all the classes you have taken at high school (secondary school), together with an official Czech translation from a court-authorised translator.  The summary should include details of the number of hours spent on each class each year, and the total number of hours you have attended school each year
  • you will also need to pay a fee of 1000 CZK

Requests are generally handled within 30 to 60 days from application. The "nostrifikace/nostrification" is issued on the basis of an assessment of the content and extent (number of hours) of the student's high school, which must be equivalent to the studies offered by a Czech high school.