Exchange Students Admissions

Conditions of study for visiting students or researchers

There are several ways in which foreign nationals may seek to spend time as a visiting student or a researcher at FSV UK:

  • Where your home university has an exchange agreement with Charles University (either bilaterally or under the terms of the EU ERASMUS Programme), it may be possible to come to Prague as an exchange student. Please ask the Office of International Programmes at your own university or see our Partner University webpage.
  • Where the government of your country has a cultural agreement with the government of the Czech Republic, it may be possible to obtain a government scholarship. Please ask at the Ministry of Education in your home country or see details of the programme and list of eligible countries at Czech Ministry of Education webpage.
  • You may enrol privately as a fee-paying visiting scholar in our programme of Short Study Visits.

The criteria for admission as a visiting student or a researcher are less strict than those for admission to a full-time course of study. However, they cannot under any circumstances end their studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences by being awarded a degree. Visiting student status is thus most suitable for students or researchers who are already enrolled at a different university abroad, and who wish to familiarise themselves with conditions in the Czech Republic.

An ability to study in the Czech language is not a condition of entry for visiting students and researchers; however, it would be an advantage, and admission to certain subjects (especially Journalism) may be restricted on the grounds of language ability.

You can download the Application for Visiting Students and Researchers here.


Conditions of Short Study Visit Programme

The Short Study Visit Programme is essentially designed to give international students or researchers an opportunity to visit our Faculty on an informal basis. Short Study Visits are currently available at all five of the Faculty's institutes, and in all subjects offered. Visits may be arranged for any length of time from a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of two semesters, according to the applicant's own preferences. Although the bulk of the Faculty's teaching is conducted in Czech, a large number of our courses are taught in English, French or German.

As part of our Short Study Visit programme we offer the following:

  • The right to register for any classes normally offered by the Faculty, up to a total of 30 ECTS credits per semester, and to receive credit for those classes on completion of the necessary curricular requirements.
  • The right to be offered a considerable discount in the tution fee where the student does not register and attend any lectures and seminars offered by the Faculty in order to fully concentrate on research in his/her chosen field.
  • Subject to the availability of space, the possibility to attend any further classes which attract the student's interest.
  • The provision of personal consultations by an academic supervisor.
  • The opportunity to prepare of a piece of written work on a specific topic set by the student's consultant, which will be assessed by a committee of independent examiners, and attested by a certificate from Charles University.
  • In cases where the student's visit lasts at least one full semester, they will also on request be issued with a transcript.


Cost of tuition

The cost of tuition for fee-paying visiting students in our Short Study Visit Programme is currently 2500 EUR per semester. The current discounted fee for visiting scholars to do research at our faculty is 1000 EUR per semester. Please note that these prices apply only to the programme of Short Study Visits at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and that they cover onlythe cost of tuition and examinations. Students are responsible for paying their own living expenses (food, lodging, etc.) Although we do not have any immediate plans to raise school fees, we reserve the right to increase prices in future, in response to rising overheads.


Access to Master's Degree Classes

Visiting students

Students who have received a government scholarship under the terms of one of the Czech Republic's international cultural agreements, and visiting students who are attending Charles University under the terms of SOCRATES, CEEPUS or a bilateral university exchange agreement are welcome to attend individual classes from our degree programmes. However, they cannot enrol as degree students without paying school fees.


Visa and Residence Permit

If you are citizen of an EU or an EFTA country you do not need to apply for a visa. It is enough for you to register with the Czech Immigration Police within 30 days of your arrival (this is a legal requirement).

However, students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days need a student visa. This includes students from EU candidate countries. In some cases it may also include foreign nationals who are currently resident in another EU country. For more details, see our Visa Information page.


For further information contact:

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