Financial Rules

Financial Rules regarding the payment of school fees

Tuition fees at FSV UK in any given year are specified in the price-list issued by the Dean, available on our website.

Fees are payable by the semester. Students will be issued with an invoice at the start of each semester and receive a scanned copy of their invoice by email. New arrivals will receive their invoice after registration. Students who need an original of the invoice may pick it up at the International Office, or the original can be mailed via regular mail upon request.

Every invoice will include the following information:

  • nominal school fees payable in EUR
  • the equivalent sum payable in Czech crowns according to the current exchange rate on the day the invoice was issued
  • payment due date

Students may pay their school fees either in EUR or in Czech crowns (CZK). Students who wish to pay their school fees in a third currency (e.g. US dollars) are free to do so, but they must make sure they pay the equivalent value of the price in Czech crowns, not the nominal price in EUR.

Payment should preferably be made by bank (wire) transfer to FSV UK account at Komercni banka. The bank details are provided on the invoice. We can also accept payment by card, in cash or by personal cheque. Should students need any help making their payment (additional information, additional documents etc.), the International Office will be glad to help.

Payment should reach the Faculty's account no later than the payment due date on the invoice. If students are experiencing cash flow problems, we are willing to discuss splitting the fees into 2-3 smaller payments with a fixed payment calendar, and/or to agree upon an extended payment date. Please note the deadline for reaching an agreement on this is the standard payment date. It is not acceptable for students to simply delay payment without discussing it.

Students who do not pay their fees in full by the specified payment date, and who make no alternative arrangements, will receive ONE reminder from the International Office by e-mail, with a final payment deadline 50 days after the date on which the invoice was issued. If no payment is received by this second deadline, the student's studies will be terminated with no further discussion, as per paragraph II (1) of the standard contract regarding the full-degree study.

Discount information: under certain limited circumstances, students may apply for a discount on their school fees in their final semester/s of study. We are not able to offer a discount under any other circumstances.