FAQ Online education

FAQ Online education

What are the options of registration into the programme

The academic year has already started. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility to register yourself in the programmes due to the specific circumstances. For degree students, there is a possibility to register in person at the International Office, or if you experience troubles to get to Czechia, you can apply for the online registration.

You can watch the Welcome Presentation on our Youtube channel for degree students here, for exchange students here.


Degree students from low-risk countries (see the list attached), and students who are already in Czechia for at least two weeks and who are not in quarantine can come to the Hollar Building (Smetanovo nabrezi 6, Praha 1) room 216 upon arranged meeting. The in-person registration for degree students is possible until October 22, 2020.

Please make sure you bring:

a) some ID (passport or EU national identity card)

b) any documentation relating to nostrifikace/degree recognition process (notarized diplomas, transcripts) 

c) signed documents concerning the tuition fee we sent you in the welcome package (Decision and Agreement on payment of the fee for studies)


Online registration concerns ONLY new students of degree programmes who will not be able to attend the in-person registration.

Online registration is open from 17. 09. 2020 till 08. 10. 2020.

Online registration strictly requires the submission of the notarized copy of the previous study diploma/certificate - send the scanned copy to degreeprograms@fsv.cuni.cz (without this document we cannot register you!).

Online registration is carried out through your online application.

You can watch detailed instructions video on how to register here.

You can find the pdf instruction guide here.

You can find instructions on how to register for the courses here.

What kind of teaching are you offering?

In line with the governmental restrictions, our Faculty cancelled all in-person educational activities at least until October 31, 2020. At the moment, education is provided online only.

Once the restrictions will be lifted we are ready to offer the hybrid model of education. Hybrid teaching combines face-to-face and online teaching methods. While some students attend classes on-site, other students join classes virtually from home. With this approach, we are able to secure the continuity and the quality of our teaching, and we are looking at creative new forms of teaching. We are engaged in this model at least throughout the winter semester. We intensively discuss the possible scenarios for the spring semester, nevertheless, this is a subject to the development of the epidemiological situation in Czechia. Anyway, you can count on that our primary goal is to secure continuity and quality education to all our students.

Is the quality of the online education different from on-site education?

Of course, it is of great importance that you can also rely on good education in these difficult circumstances. Our programmes do everything to ensure that both the education and the examinations meet the quality requirements that normally also apply. There is a code of conduct for teachers (and students) that establishes guidelines for teaching and learning through remote environments, or any form of education that primarily relies on IT services.

Will the different time-zone be taken into account with online teaching?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible because students from countries in all parts of the world may have to start their studies online. However, many online courses can be accessed whenever it suits you and there are often opportunities to ask any questions you may have by mail or chats.

Will I be able to get in touch with other students?

You can get in touch with other students by taking part in an introduction week. The Faculty of Social Sciences cooperates with Erasmus Student Network which provides besides buddy programme various activities for international students at Charles University. Nevertheless, all social events should be done online at the moment.

Is there a reduction in tuition fees if I study online?

No, because online education remains on the same level of quality as on-campus education and you will receive the same diploma as on-campus education, the tuition fees will not be reduced.

How do I sign in MS TEAMS?

For using MS TEAMS application you need to distinguish if you sign in via the rectorate licence using yourIDnumber@cuni.cz or via the Faculty licence using yourIDnumber@fsv.cuni.cz.

It is strongly recommended to students as well as professors to use signing in via the rectorate web cuni.cz.

In order to sign in by means of the rectorate licence you need to use the link https://dl.cuni.cz/ms-teams/ or http://elearning.lfp.cuni.cz/?page_id=48 and sign in under yourIDnumber@cuni.cz. You will then be registered into the rectorate databasis.  

Should an academic use the cuni.cz licence and want to create teams the students must be registered at cuni.cz licence as well. If they are registered only at the fsv.cuni.cz licence they will not access the team created by an academic. 

For using video call only it is possible even for non-registered users.

The fsv.cuni.cz licence of 365office will still be available to use, however we suggest to use the cuni.cz licence in order to avoid misconnection between the faculty and university domain in MS TEAMS. Please find manuals and links at the faculty website.