FAQ Arrival

FAQ Arrival

What are the main rules for entering the Czech republic?

The Czech government applies a system of colour coding for countries to determine the safety level for health in each country. COVID-19 is more widespread in some countries than in others, so there are different colour codes for different countries. The various restrictions applies according to the travel colour code of the country you have been at least consecutive 12 hours during the last 14 days. In general, green countries are considered as countries with low risk and there are almost no restrictions applied to them. Red countries are all other countries including the high-risk countries and the entry restrictions apply to travellers from these countries. Please note that this list can change on a daily basis, so we advise you to stay well informed. You can find more information on the website of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health.

Where can I verify if the country I travelled from to Czechia has a red code?

The countries with the green code are listed below the Simplified Scheme for Entry at this website. Or you can find them here together with several exceptions and the simple categorization of applied measures. All other countries are seen as countries in the red zone. For travellers from red zone countries, more strict measures are applied upon their arrival to Czechia.

What should I do if I am coming from the country with a low risk of COVID-19?

If you are arriving from the low-risk (green) countries, there are no extra measures applied upon your arrival. Follow the General Measures in Public Space indicated by the Ministry of Health – regular udpate here.

What should I do once I come to Prague from a high risk (red) state?

If you were in the last 14 days longer than 12 consecutive hours in the red zone country first you need to fill in the Arrival Form before your arrival to Czechia. You can be asked to present yourself with the proof of the filled-in arrival form (print, in cell phone) at the border check. Thanks to this form, the regional hygiene station according to the place of stay, will be informed about your arrival. After the entry, you are obliged to undergo a PCR test in the Czech territory within 5 days from the entry and submit the test result to the regional hygiene station on the email address covid-hc@hygpraha.cz.  

Until the PCR test result is submitted or for the duration of the necessary quarantine measure, there is a stricter free movement ban on the Czech territory as well as there is an obligation to wear respiratory protective equipment (facemasks). 

This strict special regime implies you will stay indoors, have no contact with others, will not receive visitors and you will not travel locally or regionally. That also means that during this regime you may not come to any University buildings. Hygiene station makes random checks at students' residences. Non-compliance is strictly fined.

Please check the actual Conditions for entry of persons to the territory of the Czech Republic (last update 5.10.2020) in accordance with the Ministry of Health Protective Measure at the Ministry of Interior website.

Please note, students from the EU and EFTA countries and students who possess long-term residence permit in these states can submit the PCR test conducted in one of EU countries within 72 hours before their arrival instead of the arrival PCR test.

What are suggested testing points and where are they located?

The most convenient place to take the PCR test upon your arrival via plane is at the Václav Havel Airport. Please be aware, the PCR tests from abroad are in general not accepted by the authorities.

Or you can find several suggested testing points here or more at the official website (in Czech only). Should you need assistance please contact the International Office.

What is the procedure once I take the PCR test?

Wait for the result of COVID-19 test.

Send your PCR test result to covid-hc@hygpraha.cz 7 days after your arrival at the latest. (The test must be conducted within 5 days after arrival.) If you receive any other confirmation/ document besides SMS, please add this to your email for the hygiene station as well.

NOTE: Please, copy us all email communication with the hygiene station. Use the following email address:

For degree students: degreeprograms@fsv.cuni.cz
For exchange students: exchange@fsv.cuni.cz

If the test is negative, wait for the response from the hygiene station and you can leave the strict special regime. Just follow the general measures.

In the unlikely event of positive test, wait for the instruction from the hygiene station and start the self-quarantine immediately.