Mediální odborníci Nico Carpentier a Vaia Doudaki na IKSŽ

Nico Carpentier, Vaia Doudaki, IKSŽ FSV UK

Mediální odborníci Nico Carpentier a Vaia Doudaki na IKSŽ

Institutu komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky FSV UK zve na úvodní přednášky mediálních odborníků Nica Carpentiera a Vaii Doudaki.

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/photo credit: Mariana R. Costa/

Nico Carpentier: Beyond the written text: Visual sociology as a way to communicate academic research, IKSŽ FSV UK

Beyond the written text: Visual sociology as a way to communicate academic research

Přednáší: Nico Carpentier

Místo konání: budova Hollar (místnost 14)

Čas konání: 20. března 2019 od 9:30 do 10:50

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This talk touches on the possibilities of communicating academic research through non-written texts. Methodologically and analytically grounded in Arts-Based Research (ABR), a series of experiments has investigated the possibilities of communicating communication and media studies research through the use of photography, installation and exhibition. Two main case studies will be discussed. The first experiment is the Iconoclastic Controversies. A visual sociology of statues and commemoration sites in the southern regions of Cyprus photography exhibition, which analyses how statues and commemoration sites narrate and frame the Cyprus Problem, and the struggle between antagonist nationalist discourses and their contestations. The second experiment is Respublika!, an art project that ran between November 2017 and January 2018, focussing on participatory arts and art about participation, originating from community media affiliated artists. Both experiments allow for an investigation of the possibilities and limits of "other" academic genres, and the opportunities of enriching our academic practices.


Vaia Doudaki: Discourses of legitimation in the news, IKSŽ FSV UK

Discourses of legitimation in the news

Přednáší: Vaia Doudaki

Místo konání: budova Hollar (místnost 14)

Čas konání: 21. března 2019 od 17:00 do 18:30

The lecture will focus on the analysis of news related to the economic crisis in Greece, in order to identify the struggles over legitimation and authority building, since news is a privileged terrain where these struggles are represented and take place. The lecture will focus more specifically on the periods and events related to the signing of the three memoranda between Greece and the Troika (EU, ECB, IMF) which were presented as ‘necessary for the salvation’ of the Greek economy, and which, since they included controversial policies and harsh measures, needed to be legitimated by the involved actors. Throughout the presentation, and using critical discourse analysis, it will be explained how the elite news sources that appear in the domestic mainstream Press legitimate or delegitimate policies and measures related to the bailout agreements, and their implications, but also how, through their privileged presence in the news, are given ample opportunities by the journalists to legitimate their own positions and establish their authority. It will also be discussed how these practices and processes allow journalists to legitimate and reconfirm their own professional identities and authority positions.